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Feedback request backlog [Mar-Aug 2020] and pending changes

Posted on 22nd Aug 2020 @ 4:35:55 PM

Owing to a slight configuration hiccup we've just noticed that our feedback system hasn't sent out any requests for customer reviews/feedback since about April (2020). We've fixed the issue now but it does mean that some customers will be getting a feedback request for one or more orders placed since around March to July which might be a bit disconcerting... and possibly even downright annoying.

Whatever the outcome, a sincere apology to all those affected. It was something of an oversight in amongst the chaos of the last few months and we simply hadn't had the time or space to spot it until now.

This is also the reason for the substantial lack of feedback shown on our review page, in the last few months.


Changes Pending:

Given this is a feedback related message anyway, we should also note that we will be changing the way we request feedback.

Once we work out the technical changed required, we'll be asking customers to review products directly. This will be through eKomi system as well and the primary reason for the change is that Google now lends more weight to product specific reviews. We'd obviously like to let people know what you think about our products so like-minded folk can find them too.

That said, our use of eKomi is as much about double checking that everything is working and that you're up and running correctly. There is never any obligation nor expectation for anyone to say anything, and we certainly don't want to pester anyone.