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CLI-551 ink changes & update on product options

Posted on 13th Jul 2020 @ 9:21:48 PM

Following feedback from a number of customers over the last few months we've been reviewing the options available for compatible inks for the CLI-551 type cartridges.

The standard 551 ink set, stocked to date, has demonstrated a number of colour cast issues, particularly through the Grey and Photo Black which required substitution to resolve. Newer batches of the same ink have failed to resolve the issue so after considering our options we've decided to retire the ink set in favour of our 42v2 hybird inks and also introduce a newer ink set from Inktec that is demonstrating much stronger compatibility and colour matching.


The existing "standard" 550/551 ink set will be renamed as a legacy set but with substitutions for the Grey and Photo Black, for those customers who wish to continue using the set for now. We will not be purchasing in new stock of the same type once it has run out it will not be replaced.

A replacement ink has been identified with better overall stability colour matching to the 551 OEM inks and a suitable price point. We will be introducing this in the next few weeks, and re-manufactured cartridges will shortly follow to complete the product options.


Overall, our 550/551 refill and ink options are being updated and a number of confusing options consolidated so that it's clearer as to what each ink type and refill system offers. This should be ready in the next few days (ETA: 20th July) so apologies for the delays and thanks for your patience.