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While we are doing what we can to reduce delays Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is causing problems for us and customers worldwide.
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Shipping Options / Costs - May 2020 onwards

Posted on 19th Jun 2020 @ 11:00:58 AM

We've been receiving considerable feedback regarding the substantial increase in shipping costs and limited options for orders since around mid May and just wanted to explain what has happened and why.

Short version...

  • The pandemic has resulted in significant numbers of orders taking between 5 days and 6 weeks longer than normal to arrive, and in some cases, the packages never arrive at all.
  • All postal and courier pricing has been increased to cope with the changes in shipping capacity and their own increased costs as a result of the virus.

Basically EVERYTHING is costing more.

Our shipping system was adjusted such that all, except the lowest value orders, require a tracked shipping service. This helps ensure that items should arrive reliably and within a reasonable (but still delayed) timeframe.


Long version...

When lockdown initially kicked in there was little apparent difference in shipping procedures and orders were being shipped out albeit with a reduced timetable, "as normal". However after 3 weeks it soon became apparent that orders were being substantially delayed within the UK and as time progressed our International orders began showing the stress on the system with orders still in limbo after more than a month.

As a rule we've been lucky in that the vast majority of our customer base are honest and fraudulent orders are weeded out thanks to our order and payment checking systems. So, we've been able to discount scams or any individual acts of loose morals.

The shipping industry were slow to react to the issues themselves but since beginning of May we've been subjected to a daily barrage of emails indicating changes in surcharges, closed borders and the like to the point that it's been near impossible to adjust pricing properly, let alone efficiently. The only way to manage the situation has been to lock down untracked shipping options and force all but the smallest orders to use a tracked service.

It should be noted we are currently absorbing almost all of the surcharges without increasing our prices as they change so frequently...


In Conclusion...

While we recognise the substantial increae in cost to customers we simply couldn't ignore the risks and real costs of sending out goods that weren't being delivered and would ultimately result in losses of products and the cost in refunding or indeed our reputation, etc... 

None of this ideal but as the onus of responsibility is with ourselves, until customers actually receive the goods, we can't afford to run a business skewed to bargain/budget custom if it means we're putting ourselves out of business with the costs. Nobody is unaffected by this virus and it's frustrating but we take the view that if we're able to grumble about it later, then we're the lucky ones.

Thank-you for your understanding and continued patience