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[Staff availability] Some delays

Posted on 6th Mar 2020 @ 3:48:30 PM

Due to an unfortunate incident that wiped out two family cars (thanks to a drunk driver in late February) and now a staff member needing to attend to family, we're running short staffed and doing our best to keep up with orders and queries.

The car situation is slowly being resolved and just to head off any concern, nobody was actually hurt, thankfully, but the headache of finding not one but two new cars as well as dealing with intransigent insurance firms has required a lot of time. We've also been working on redesigning and retooling our cartridge cleaning systems which has required far more time and effort than we'd anticipated. Throw all that together and you can understand why we're behind on a number of different areas. We can see that stock is not necessarily being replenished as quickly as we'd want but we're doing our best to get things back on track as/when we can.

Next up we have the Corona virus which is affecting availbility of a few small but key product items that we purchase in from China (eg: orange transport clips for CLI-42 cartridges and silicon plugs). We have some work-around options available but a few product lines are likely to be affected in the coming week or two so we're looking at alternatives there too.


As you can imagine this is all on the back of being parents, dealing with the usual day to day and has been getting a bit chaotic at points. Delays and frustration is somewhat inevitable but we are doing what we can to keep things moving while supporting those who need to be out of the office.

Thank-you for your understanding and please do email us if you have any questions. Just please allow a bit longer than normal for a response.