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Manufacturing, Cartridges, etc...

Posted on 4th Feb 2020 @ 11:09:06 PM

The processes for remanufacturing the various cartridges are now ironed out but we have been struggling to keep up with demand with a piecemeal approach and limited resources in time and staff.

As a result we've decided to dedicate the next couple of weeks to focusing on getting cartridge stocks sorted, cleaned and then refilled. We're doing this in order of priority/demand as follows:

  • CLI-42
  • CLI-551, PGI-550
  • CLI-571, PGI-570
  • CLI-581, PGI-580
  • PGI-72
  • PGI-9
  • CLI-8*
  • CLI-521/526, PGI-520/525*

All cartridges marked with an asterisk (*) are being cleaned (at some point) but not refilled unless we determine a specific demand exists for these.


Additional manufacturing of other OctoInkjet specific products such as our FlushFill clips, SquEasyV caps, refill adapters, etc... are also being prioritised so we can build up a healthy stock of parts and tools to compliment our ink sets and compliment our refill bundles.

Overall this should fix the on/off stock issues we've had recently, particularly with regards to the 550/551, 570/571 and other refill kits that require the OEM cartridges.



Future Plans...

Once this manufacturing push has been completed we will be switching to improving our video and other support resources. This is long overdue and should bring our documentation and support resources up to date.

Other plans are in the pipeline, but we're trying not to get ahead of ourselves. We need to make sure this initial push has been completed first.