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Post-summer hiccups and progress.

Posted on 27th Aug 2019 @ 10:03:43 PM

Post holiday is always a bit of a bumpy return and this year there's no exception.

A few issues have hit and we're now working our way through the following:


Voicemails have now largely been resolved/answered.

Due to a new/unnoticed setting in our voicemail system, the holiday message we'd thought was answering calls was actually not the one that customers heard when attempting to contact us, over the last three weeks. Instead a generic response was given and this undoubtedly resulted in frustration as we have been unable to receive or return calls during my (Martin's) absence.

Having cleared the backlog of orders, emails and computer system issues as of today (Tuesday) outstanding voicemail messages will be tackled over the next day or so depending on callers availability.

Apologies for the inherent glitch and hopefully most callers located our holiday notice and realised why nobody was answering the phones.


Stock Updates/Delay [Updated]

- OCP ink stocks have been updated and inks/ink-sets are now available again.
- STS-inks are on their way and should be available soon.
- CLI-42v2 inks are pending collection by courier and we hope to have available by end of next week (6th Sept)
- Porous pad assemblies are now stocked again although we are substituting some orders with identical (but different colour) units that are compatible.

Original Stock info

We did have orders for new ink stock and a few other components key to our products and most of those have arrived without too many problems. Unfortunately Fedex has lost two very important consignments for more than 8 gallons of ink and this has resulted in no stock of CLI-42 Yellow ink for our newer version 2 ink sets and refill bundles.

This is particularly frustrating as plenty of time was allowed for the stock order to arrive but it is taking considerable time for the claims process to kick in and we also have to wait for new ink to be manufactured.

We will make sure the stock levels are updated as soon as humanly possible and we've already re-ordered key stock in case the missing ink doesn't arrive at all.


Beyond that, other ink orders for older Image Specialists (STS-inks) products are awaiting pickup from the USA and should be with us early next week. This has taken longer that hoped but the new stock will be available as soon as we can get it rebottled and on the system.


New Products

As well as the normal backlog of administration, support, pre-sales and other communications we have also been preparing some new product ideas with particular attention being paid to the waste ink solutions. We still need to work on the documentation, pricing and product listings themselves but we are looking forward to making these products available in the coming weeks. More to follow...