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Site speed, Mobile Compatibility, Search [fix] & more..

Posted on 10th Jun 2019 @ 11:31:08 PM

[Update: June 20th]

Due to our site being changed to default over SSL/HTTPS we failed to spot that our search system was no longer indexing all of the pages. The issue was identified and fixed so that the site search will now function properly instead of giving a lot of empty results.


[Original Post]

The last couple of weeks there's been a lot of work done to improve the site in terms of usability, speed and to tidy up some things that were more than a little out of date.

To that end the site now loads a LOT quicker, it's easier to use with a mobile or tablet (or should be) and some incompatibilities on checkout, etc... are now resolved.

It's not perfect and more work is still required, particularly on the older listings but we're getting there,


Bug reports and constructive feedback welcome so if you find anything that really is causing problems or just irks, please let us know