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Brex***t :: Orders, Shipping and effects.

Posted on 12th Feb 2019 @ 8:53:34 PM

This company is, has been, and remains, part of global commerce and community that relies on disparate, global sources for raw materials and manufactured component products. Similarly we have customers and colleagues in almost every country on this planet so it should be obvious where we stand regarding Brex***t, either as individuals or as a company.

Regardless of the politics, the lack of clarity, as to what will happen post-Brex***t, means that we have no way to guarantee how supply or order fulfillment will work from the end of March. Despite this, we are doing our best to address the myriad challenges faced.

The most likely scenario is that shipments in and out of the UK will face some delays and increased costs in some form or other. In addition we fully expect costs for both shipping and the goods themselves to rise as currency exchange rates adjust to whatever new reality exists from April onwards.


Update: (last updated: March 20th 2019)
Safe to say the current situation with the British government is not suitable for polite conversation.
Our changes have been on hold until the situation clarifies.


So, to be absolutely clear we need to state the obvious:


  1. The option to send orders using an untracked shipping service* MAY be suspended from 23rd March 2019, until such time as the reliability of the relevant postal systems have been clarified and proven. (*for International Orders).
  2. International tracked shipping services will be reviewed over March to determine if any delays, rejection or other problem is likely.
  3. Some aspects of shipping costs will be folded into our product prices but shipping costs overall will rise.

NB: We have negotiated contracts with new couriers to try and reduce the costs involved but these will likely fluctuate as per "price" below.


  1. Almost all of our products rely on component parts, inks and/or products that are imported and sold in non GBP currencies.
  2. Import duties and taxes are likely to increase significantly on some, if not all, of our imported materials/products.
  3. As such our costs will increase with exchange rates and changes in import charges.
  4. Prices will go up.


Assuming the UK leaves the EU customs union and we are no longer required to collect VAT for EU customers...

  1. As per non-EU customers, we would cease charging VAT for non UK customers.
  2. But, customs charges, import duty (as per your countries rules) would then likely apply for EU customers.

Support, Communication, Pre-Sales, etc... :

  • We do not differentiate our support, customer service or willingness to sell on the basis of race, language, nationality, sexuality or religious belief. Period. 
  • We will continue to treat all our customers in the same considered, informative, honest and collaborative manner we have prided ourselves on since this company was founded and long before.


We are realists and we are doing what we can to meet the challenges inherent, and maintain a viable business, in the face of incredible uncertainty. That said, there is a reason we won't spell out Brex***t without treating it like an expletive.

As/when the situation becomes clearer we will communicate changes in policy, plans, etc... but until then, thank-you for your patience, your feedback and your custom.