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Stock Purge & Old Printer Stock

Posted on 9th Jan 2019 @ 5:52:27 PM

As with any new year we've taken the time to go through our stock inventory to identify any old, low-sales stock, particularly the inks which are time dependent.

This, coupled with a review of sales, has indicated that some items are no longer economical to stock or sell so we're thinking of offering customers a somewhat radical solution to ensure that folk aren't left without supplies when they still need them.

Stock Purge

Ink does age so we've had our twice annual purge of inkage that are now either too old or approaching an age that makes their useable life less than ideal. We will be making these available via the Bargain Bucket over the next few days.

In addition we've ordered in a limited supply of low-demand inks (eg: those used in Canon i9900, HP364, etc...) as well as additional stock for new items such as the Pro-1 and Pro-10.

The new stock should be available by February 22nd so apologies for the delays but we had to pull some stock completely to due to age and replace it.


Low Demand Inks Moving Forward...

There are a number of printers that are now fairly old, and for which it's obvious there's few users remaining. However we still get a small number of ink orders over a year long period. The problem we have is that often we purchase in inks to supply such users but find more than half of the stock is reaching a year or more in age without being purchased or used so it has to be dumped.

We're now considering creating "buyer clubs" or groups where we ask groups of customers to pre-order inks at a set time so we can build a minimum order, then get the relevant fresh stock of ink, rebottle and immediately dispatch. 

The benefit of such an approach is that we purchase fresh stock, we avoid the need to hold stock that will simply be wasted and we may even find these clubs/groups grow as other legacy printer owners buy in when their original sources dry up.

This is very much a work in progress and may not work out but we are looking at how it would work and which inks/printers would most benefit from this approach.


Newer Products

Time as ever is a critical aspect of any product development especially with the amount of support required so we are still working on new products for Pro-1, Pro-1000 while resurrecting improved refill bundles for the likes of PGI-550, CLI-551, PGI-570, etc... This is an ongoing effort and we'll be getting the listings on in due course.