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Product Development - Autumn/Winter 2018

Posted on 20th Sep 2018 @ 11:23:45 PM

The last couple of years have been fairly quiet while we moved premises, reorganised our working spaces and put time into secondary projects such as NeedlEZ.co.uk which also served to test out new eCommerce software options.

There have been some successes and some back-to-the-drawing-board moments but we're now pleased to be announcing some new and improved products that we'll be making available over the coming months.

CLI-551/571 with Pro-100 version 2 inks

We'll shortly be offering our Pro-100 version 2 inks as a set and refill option for end-users who want to use the inks in their 5 and 6 colour printers, particularly the iP8750 and other A3 variants where the vividness and fade resistance of these inks will offer a much better print. While initial testing has indicated some colour variance from the OEM, the differences are less pronounced than originally expected but profiling will be recommended to get the best results.

Cleaned OEM Cartridges

With the help of new equipment, customer input and a lot of research we're now building up a stock of thoroughly cleaned empty cartridges that can be used for refill kits, as spare sets for customers who are already refilling, etc...

The process is quite laborious but has already proven very effective in cleaning out the yellow OEM ink that has caused so many problems for refillers, particuarly in the CLI-551Y, 571Y and of course the 42Y. We will be looking to add variants from other sales zones such as the 451, 251, etc... but it does depend on supplies of OEM cartridges in those areas.

Remanufactured Cartridge Sets (Pro-100, Pro-9500, Pro-10 and more)

The advent of cleaned cartridges (above) also means we'll shortly be making sets of (and eventually single) cartridges pre-filled with our inks so that prospective customers can try the inks without needing to buy a full refill bundle. We're also aware that a number of refill-averse customers would welcome the opportunity to access our inks without needing to run the refilling gauntlet.

These are expected to be available by the end of week 1 in October 2018. Emphasis is on CLI-42, PGI-9, PGI-72 initially but we will be adding on PGI-550/570 and CLI-551/571 sets once we finish streamlining the manufacturing processes properly.

Improved Refill Bundles

Solving the yellow issue means that we will be reviving our version 2 550/551 refill bundle and making the 570/571 bundle readily available with cleaned OEM carts and REdSETTER units.

We will also be moving to revise all our refill bundles to include a set of remanufactured cartridges so that customers can get started immediately with the new inks.

Other Projects (Pro-1, PGI-29, Pro-1000)

Testing is ongoing for a Pro-1/PGI-29 inkset and the work is also pushing us towards a similar solution for the Pro-1000 although the latter will require more time and development.

No firm ETA set but if you're interested in testing, please let us know.