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Empty Cartridges & Remanufactured Cartridges [Pending]

Posted on 28th Jul 2018 @ 10:48:53 PM

For customers who've been purchasing (or wanting to purchase) empty or pre-filled Canon cartridge sets (eg: PGI-9's) we have some news.

New Cartridge Stocks

We will soon be able to supply a variety of cartridges and/or replacements chips for the following:

  • CLI-42 (New stocks inbound)
  • PGI-29 + compatible chips
  • PGI-570, CLI-571
  • PGI-550, CLI-551
  • PGI-1500
  • PGI-2500
  • PGI-72
  • PGI-9

Note: Some cartridges will be rationed to avoid our stocks being depleted too quickly. This is particularly true of CLI-42 cartridges.


Flushed/Clean Cartridges

One critical change will be our ability to provide flushed and clean cartridges. Traditionally we've recommended our customers use the flushing/priming process as a way to familarise themselves with the messy reality of refilling but we've recognised solid reasons for making clean/ready cartridges such as the ability to get started on a new ink set immediately particularly when generating custom profiles, etc...

This is still in the early stages but we're planning to make these available over late August, early September.


Resurrected Refill Bundles [pending]

Refill bundles that used the 551Y, 571Y or any other dye ink yellow OEM/original cartridge were all placed on hold due to clogging issues. These issues were caused by the original ink degrading with each refill resulting in poor ink flow. The ability to effectively flush all original ink from these cartridges while retaining chip functionality will mean we can finally resurrect these refill options, benefit from the higher quality cartridge components and ensure a much simpler refilling experience.


Remanufactured/Pre-filled Cartridges

With the availability of cleaned, refill-ready cartridges we are now pursuing a line of remanufactured (ie: Pre-filled) cartridges, particularly for our CLI-42, PGI-72 and PGI-9 series.

Other inks and cartridge sets will follow as we get to grips with the processes required along with other cost/technical considerations.

For the PGI-9, and PGI-72 in particular we're aware that there's a significant lack of pigment based compatible cartridges and we are keenly aware of the number of requests to make this happen properly.