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  1. Ink supply changesInk supply changes [Article]
    Updated: 18th June 2015 New section on manufacturer transparency added

  2. Ink Lifespan, Expiry & StorageInk Lifespan, Expiry & Storage [Article]
    For the purposes of this article we are referring to bulk inks supplied in bottles and used to either refill cartridges, CIS systems or some variation thereof. The guide does not refer to remanufact

  3. Epson B40W (Workforce 40)Epson B40W (Workforce 40) [Article]

  4. Using: Epson Chip Resetter (T6710/T6711)Using: Epson Chip Resetter (T6710/T6711) [Article]
    This guide is intended for use with the Maintenance Box T6710 / T6711 Chip Resetter

  5. Epson Chip Resetter: Battery replacementEpson Chip Resetter: Battery replacement [Article]
    This guide shows the process for changing the batteries in the T6710/T6711 chip resetter. It will likely apply to numerous other chip resetters compatible with Epson inkjet printers as well.

  6. Do you sell bulk ink?Do you sell bulk ink? [Article]
    Yes, we do sell bulk inks for a variety of inkjet printers. Our inks are sourced primarily from Image Specialists in the USA but we are also supplying ink from a number of other manufacturer

  7. Identiying Plugs - Epson Refillable CartridgesIdentiying Plugs - Epson Refillable Cartridges [Article]
    Some of the resources available on the internet tend to leave out useful information about the plugs use for the fill hole and the vent hole so we've taken the time to provide a guide that covers di

  8. Waste Ink Counter Reset Tools: Access and SupportWaste Ink Counter Reset Tools: Access and Support [Article]
    This article deals with some recent changes to OctoInkjet policy regarding access, support and availability of tools capable of resetting the waste ink counter on various printers.

  9. Epson WF-7015Epson WF-7015 [Article]
    This guide has been updated and is now hosted on PrinterPotty.com You can find the full guide here:

  10. Epson R3000Epson R3000 [Article]
    The original instructions (below) have now been revised and reworked with new images of the whole process step-by-step. The new instructions are provided in a printed 12 page manual which is

  11. RX620 - freeing the waste tubeRX620 - freeing the waste tube [Article]
    These instructions have now been updated and are available here:

  12. Epson RX500Epson RX500 [Article]
    These instructions have now been updated and are available here:

  13. Epson Artisan 1430 / Photo 1500WEpson Artisan 1430 / Photo 1500W [Article]
    With the introduction of the Solo Max waste kit

  14. CIS systems and pigment inkCIS systems and pigment ink [Article]
    Over the years at OctoInkjet we've frequently been asked about using pigment inks in Continuous Ink Supply (CIS) Systems so this article should deal with our experience of their use and explain why

  15. Do you sell Epson (CIS) Continuous Ink Supply kits?Do you sell Epson (CIS) Continuous Ink Supply kits? [Article]
    Yes... We are currently stocking and developing the range of CIS systems although we are doing so slowly, usually in response to customer requests, to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades.

  16. Epson R240Epson R240 [Article]
    Note: This printer is physically, exactly the same to the Epson Stylus R250 The R240 is one of the "trapdoor" type of printer so really this guide is just

  17. Epson 1290Epson 1290 [Article]
    This modification is equally applicable to the Epson Stylus Photo 1280 There has been a reasonably useful guide for modifying this printer on inkrepublic but unfortunately it was a bit too e

  18. Windows 7 : Date keeps changing backWindows 7 : Date keeps changing back [Article]
    When you're trying to use an AdjProg type utility that requires a date change to function you may find that Windows 7 is "helpfully" restoring the date/time and causing the utility to fail.

  19. Epson PX660Epson PX660 [Article]
    Following a review of existing resources on OctoInkjet I decided it was well worth re-doing the installation guide for the PX650 which is basically just an older version of the PX660 so please find

  20. Epson PX650Epson PX650 [Article]
    Updated: This guide has now been superceded by a new video installation guide for the PX660. The information

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