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  1. Paying Using Other Currencies (non-GBP)Paying Using Other Currencies (non-GBP) [Article]
    OctoInkjet is located and trades from the United Kingdom but we do our best to support International customers by making it as easy as possible for you to be able to view products and pay for orders i...

  2. Order Delays : Why, What, WhenOrder Delays : Why, What, When [Article]
    There are a number of instances when an order may be delayed so here's a quick run down of the most common ones. 1. Payment marked as unpaid? Paypal Ocassionally orders p

  3. Security: Account InformationSecurity: Account Information [Article]
    We fully recognise that there are always concerns about information security, especially when purchasing online so this is an explanation about how the OctoInkjet system works and what might be expo

  4. Order Problem - Common IssuesOrder Problem - Common Issues [Article]
    This article is intended to provide a few things to check out after an attempt to pay for an order has failed Credit/Debit Cards Start Date Required but

  5. HP Officejet Pro-X :: Quirks and WorkaroundsHP Officejet Pro-X :: Quirks and Workarounds [Article]
    In case you've missed the Hewlett Packard Officejet Pro-x range these printers utilise a static page wide printhead that makes for very fast printing. These printers were released back in 20

  6. What Payment Options are available?What Payment Options are available? [Article]
    Depending on how you place your order we can accept: Credit Cards* Debit Cards* American Express

  7. Phone OrdersPhone Orders [Article]
    Credit/Debit card payments (GBP Pounds) While it is possible to take payment over the phone the process involved requires a considerable amount of information including your address and ot

  8. What is "Verified By Visa" \ "3DSecure"What is "Verified By Visa" \ "3DSecure" [Article]
    When you pay using a Credit or Debit Card you may be asked to complete an additional step called "Verified by Visa" (VbV) or "3DSecure". These services are provided by Visa and MasterCard an

  9. Security: Payment InformationSecurity: Payment Information [Article]
    There are a number of ways customers can make payment for our products and security is obviously absolutely essential to ensure customers payment details are not compromised in any way. Cre

  10. Reset Utility: Additional Kit Purchases RequiredReset Utility: Additional Kit Purchases Required [Article]

  11. Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy [Article]
    Introduction OctoInkjet (Trading as OctoInkjet Limited) are committed to protecting any data that we collect concerning you. By using our services you agree to the use of the data

  12. Refilling Canon Cartridges by WeightRefilling Canon Cartridges by Weight [Article]
    This little nugget of information is intended for those customers who refill their Canon cartridges but who wish to check the amount of ink based on the cartridge weight rather than using any visual

  13. Printer Un-Documented : How you can helpPrinter Un-Documented : How you can help [Article]
    Chances are you are visiting this page because your printer currently lacks one or more of the following: Waste Ink Kit information Modification/Fitting Instructions for a w

  14. Can I re-use your documentation/articles?Can I re-use your documentation/articles? [Article]
    Any documents and resources provided on this site are copyright of OctoInkjet/WebSnail. Any attempt to rebrand, copy, deep link, screen scrape or otherwise steal the content may result in legal action...