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Epson D120

Note: This printer is physically, exactly the same as the following Epson printer models:

  • C110
  • C120
  • D120
It's also possible the waste ink system matches the following additional models:
  • Artisan 50
  • T50
  • T60
  • Workforce 30


The Epson D120 follows on from the earlier C84 to D88 models and their tradition of no trapdoor or access hatch. While this does mean you have to release the top of the printer case to get to the waste ink tube, the good news is that this printer is considerably easier than the earlier C8x printers because you don't have to fumble around with tabs and rubber feet to get anything off.

Anyway this guide provides step by step instructions on accessing and modifying your D120 (C110, C120) to fit an external was ink tank.

Remove the right/front panel to reveal screw #1

Release the Four Screws

There are four screws that hold this printer case top on, so you need to locate and release each of them before you can do anything else.

The first screw is not immediately obvious though so to reveal it you need to remove the front/right panel that has the printers model number stencilled on it.

Screw #1 revealed
Top Left screw

Screw Number 2 is located in the top of the printer on the left side. Just lift the lid to get to it.

Note: It also holds the control/button panel in place so be careful to remove the screw completely and take note of positions, etcc so you can replace the panel in position again when it comes to putting it all back together again.


Screws #3 and #4 are in the back of the printer and it doesn't require rocket science to get these out.

Screws #3/#4 in the back of the printer
Lifting the case top clear

Remove the Case Top

Once the four screws are removed you can lift the case top up from the right side (when looking from front).

WARNING: The case top contains a sensor that is wired to the printer base (see the second picture left).
You can unscrew this sensor to remove the case completely but it is not essential to complete this modification.

If you remove the sensor remember to screw it back in place before replacing the lid..

If you choose to leave it in place, be careful not to break the wires.
Resting the case-top on its side as shown seems to work fine.



Note: The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the waste tube is free in this picture. It won't be when you open it up... I just forgot to get a picture until after I'd freed the tube.

WARNING: The lid sensor is connected
Locate the waste tube

Locating the Waste Tube

With the case-top removed you can now clearly see the waste tube area in the back/left of the printer. It's pretty standard stuff so to make life easier we'll pull the triangular "splash guard" plastic piece off and discard it.

Remove the splash guard plastic panel
Drill the case as shown (Not when the case is installed!)

Modifying the Case

Because there is no trapdoor/Access Hatch for the tube to exit through you have to drill a hole in the case to get the tube out.

In case you were not already aware you are invalidating your warranty by fitting a waste tank anyway so a hole now will not make any difference.

My hole is 135mm (5 1/4") from the left side (viewing from back) of the case

Important: Don't drill the case-top while it's installed, You could hit the tube or something else important.
Take the case-top off first!


Release the waste tube from its holder

Release the Waste Tube

To release the tube you simply need to gently pull the end out and to the left (as shown in the picture - left)
Install the tube extension part

Install the Extension Tubing

Presuming you are using an OctoInkjet Solo or Solo+ waste ink kit you now need to install the extension tubing that came with your kit.

To do this:

  • Pull the barbed fitting off your tubing part
  • Thread the tube through the case hole and then reattach the barbed fitting so it's on the inside of the case.
    Note: This allows the barbed fitting to take any force caused by someone yanking on the external tube/kit

You will then need to start replacing the case-top.

The pictures show how I've done it by pivoting the case at the control/button panel end and holding the other side up with a few books.

Once you are in a position similar to that shown (see second picture - left) then plug the barbed fitting into the printers waste tube to complete the connection between the tubes.

Connect waste tubes together
Finish up by gently pulling the tube out until the barb inside is against the case inside


Once the case is back in position, just pull the tube out until the barbed fitting is against the inside of the case hole.

Note: I'd recommend lifting the case a little to check the tubing is not kinked or folding inside before finishing.

Now you just replace the screws and front/right panel before connecting your waste tank to the free end of the tubing and then test the kit is working (if you haven't already).

You are now ready to reset and use your printer again.

Resetting the Waste Ink Counter

The C110, C120 and D120 are not supported by the SSC utility, while the C110 is supported by an official Epson IPR.

Other printer owners can use the C110 adjustment utility to complete the reset and this is provided free to OctoInkjet customers (on request) when they purchase a waste ink kit for their printer.

Use the QuickFind tool (as a logged-in customer) to access the reset utility directly.


Please remember that Feedback and/or comments on this guide are welcome.


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