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Which waste tank is better (Bag or Box)?
There are currently two specific types of kit available as waste ink tanks and these have benefits as well as potential pitfalls depending on your intended usage so this is a brief run down on what those are.

Box Tanks


  • Variety of capacities
  • Any air contained in the waste ink flow is vented out of the container via a small vent hole in the lid
  • Less need to empty compared to bag units
  • Solid plastic with heavy rubber seal
  • Able to survive sharp edges (scissors)


  • Vent hole (while small) can leak if the box is knocked over
  • Size of the unit can take up more space than is available

Bag Tanks


  • Completely sealed unit with no vent (so no spillages)
  • Made from a strong flexible material
  • Low profile and size makes it easier to place in constricted spaces
  • Useful in busy spaces, especially where children are active


  • Lack of a vent hole results in need to regularly empty air to stop "ballooning"
  • Capacity is set at 220ml (including any air)

Rule of Thumb

Hopefully the information above helps a little but in case it has left you more confused, here is a quick rule of thumb that should help.

Make a note of your answers to the following questions.
  1. Do you use your printer every day?
    Yes => Box
    No => Either

  2. Do you intend to re-use your waste ink as part of your black in cartridge refills or CIS?
    Yes => Bag
    No => Either

  3. Is regular maintenance (weekly?) going to be annoying?
    Yes => Box
    No => Either

  4. Are you likely to forget to empty the tank for a week (or longer)?
    Yes => Box (think larger capacities!)
    No => Either

  5. Do you have limited space for the tank?
    Yes => Bag
    No => Either
  6. Do you have young children or have the printer in a "hazardous" environment?
    Yes => Bag
    No => Either
Check your answers and see which option meets more criteria. This should have a better idea of which would be better.

If you still don't have a definitive answer, I always recommend to go with a box unit.

Remember: You can always upgrade your tank to a different type or capacity later without having to buy a complete new kit
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