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Adapters: Ink harvesting, refilling, maintenance
Note: This article is a work in progress so we'll update as/when we have time to provide additional information.


We sell a number of adaptors which we've found make it easier to do things like harvest inks from old cartridges, flush/clean cartridge or a range of similar activities related to maintaining ink supply systems in inkjet printers.

This article provides a brief summary of each type and a bit of information about how each tends to be used.

Epson Pull-Through Adaptor

This is our first adaptor and has generally been used with syringes to allow ink to be pulled out of Epson inkjet cartridges that follow the older/earlier cartridge designs with a spring loaded valve in the cartridge outlet. The adatptors have two notches in the end that allow ink to flow in from the sides when the open end of the adaptor is blocked by the valve itself.

Main usage:

  • Pulling/Pushing ink out/in of Epson inkjet cartridges
  • Pulling ink through CIS systems via cartridge outlet port
  • Harvesting ink from larger format cartridges with compatible ports (eg: Pro3880, etc..)

Pro-3800 Adaptor

This adaptor was suggested by end users finding that the earleir "Epson pull-through" type was stressing the silicone rubber seal on the cartridge outlets. It does the same job as the one above but has a slightly thinner shaft. Usage same as above Epson pull-through

Pro-1 Adaptor

This unit is a tapered needle notched to provide side-ports as per other adapters but is more suited for use in Canon Pro-1 and other similar cartridges with silicone-rubber seals. Equally usable in other cartridges of the same design.

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