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Epson Workforce WF 3000 Series Service Error Problem

Updated: August 2017

After some initial reports of issues with 3000 series printers we have kept watch for similar issues and other reports from customers but as there has been little if any further reports we're now reasonably confident the issue was in fact specific to a specific batch of WF-3010DW printers with one spurious outlier in the WF-3520 that we couldn't replicate in others of the same model.

The original information is being left in case there are any developments but at this point we're resuming sale of the T6711 compatible units and recommending that WF-3010DW owners be aware of potential problems.

Original Post (June 2016)

This problem is a developing issue and one we're still getting to grips with but here's the information we've gleaned so far.

We have not been able to confirm anything but based on discussion with relevant printer owners and retailers this is not an isolated issue and it is causing printers to become effectively unusable.

Models Affected:

  • Workforce WF-3xxx series
    • WF-3010 confirmed
    • WF-3520 single unit confirmed
    • Other 3000 series models - no reported cases

Setup Variables:

  • Printers manufactured most recently (we're trying to nail down specific firmware versions).
  • Printers that have access to the Internet either directly or through a connected printer.
  • Does not seem to affect printers where network/Internet access is unavailable and/or has not been granted.


  • Maintenance box replacement results in general or service required error
  • Printer no longer recognises the maintenance box
  • Affects both original and compatible maintenance boxes

Noted Events:

  • Internet activity between printer and Internet, specifically through sites related to Navisoft and/or Epson

Suggested Cause:

It is highly likely that this a firmware issue that Epson have introduced either as:

  • Specific firmware version installed on some production printers (dates/versions unknown)
  • A recent firmware update distributed via the Internet
Short version it seems Epson have inadvertently created a bug for their printers in an attempt to block compatible maintenance boxes being supplied to their printers. Whether this also affects ink cartridges as well is unknown but likely.

Suggested Resolution:

Already affected?
Contact Epson to request a warranty replacement, particularly if you are using original Maintenance box replacements.

Pre-emptive Solutions (ie: you're not hitting this issue yet):

If you are lucky enough to be reading this BEFORE your printer stops accepting maintenance boxes, we'd recommend the following:

  • Remove your printers access to the Internet either through your computer or through your wireless
  • Block your printer from accessing the Internet via your router and/or computer (where possible).
  • DO NOT install the full software suite to your computer
  • Locate and install the earliest possible version of the driver only software
  • DO NOT allow the printer or computer to update your driver version to the latest version(s)
Please note this list is by no means a guarantee that you can avoid this issue completely...

Further Discussion/Points:

Terms and Conditions for the Navisoft software allow your printer to access and upgrade the firmware and software on your printer now without requesting permission prior to individual update installation.

This issue is affecting brand new printers right out of the box. Original (OEM) Maintenance boxes are not being recognised by the printer and result in the printer being unusable.

It is not being caused through the use of compatible maintenance boxes.

Full list of printers compatible with the T6711 maintenance box that may be affected:

  • Workforce WF3010DW
  • Workforce WF3520
  • Workforce WF3520DWF
  • Workforce WF3530
  • Workforce WF3530DTWF
  • Workforce WF3540
  • Workforce WF3540DTWF
  • Workforce WF3620
  • Workforce WF3620DWF
  • Workforce WF3630DTWF
  • Workforce WF3640
  • Workforce WF3640DTWF
  • Workforce WF7110
  • Workforce WF7110DTW
  • Workforce WF7610
  • Workforce WF7610DWF
  • Workforce WF7620
  • Workforce WF7620DTWF
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