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What Do I Pay? (Taxes/Pricing on OctoInkjet)

The OctoInkjet store does have a set of rules on how relevant tax (VAT) should be applied to orders but it suffers from one very important lack of information...

... It doesn't know which country you're in when you first visit. As a result, it can't figure out whether tax should apply to your order or not until you provide your country information.


So, What Can You Do?

So, if you want to get accurate information from the cart on what you can expect to pay you can do one of three things:

1. Add a few things to your cart, then "View Cart" and use the "Estimate Shipping & Tax" function to provide the all important country info'. The cart will then use that information when displaying your cart contents showing tax if applicable or a tax free price if not.

2. If you're happier viewing your products/cart in a different currency then select that currency using the "Currency Converter" (right/top of store pages).
The cart will identify if your currency is in a country where tax is not applicable (eg: USD$, AUD$, CAD$) and provide prices accordingly.
NB: Choosing GBP£ or EUR€ will obviously retain tax inclusive pricing because VAT is chargeable in the countries using those currencies

3. Select and add your products as normal, then use the checkout to place your order. Before you pay, you will be provided with the "Review Order" page which displays order and product prices based on the address information provided during checkout.

EU Customers

Following the UK departure from the EU, the rules have changed considerably. Please read this article for the most up to date information available relating to EU customers/businesses wishing to purchase from OctoInkjet

International Orders & Import Duty?

If you want to know whether your order is likely to incur import duty/tax, you can use the tool on this page to work out what other costs, if anything, you might be expected to pay.

Isn't All A Bit Complicated??

Unfortunately it probably feels that way but the current system is a considerable improvement on the original cart which had a heavy emphasis on the default currency (ie: GBP / Pounds / Sterling)

Ultimately the current approach seems to work best with the cart and checkout process providing the correct information (as you'd hope it would!).


The Bottom Line

The price you pay is based on whether tax is applicable for your location or not.


No Charging Tax on the Sly

Quite a few other stores will simply hide the tax included amount and include it in the price for non taxable customers, effectively charging a tax inclusive price but pocketing the extra that would otherwise go to the tax-man/woman/robot(?).

OctoInkjet doesn't do that for two reasons:

1. You have your own taxes to pay
2. If/When your order breaks the import duty threshold you don't want to be paying double
3. We're nice(?) like that
4. We can't count to 2 :)

Please note, as a result of this policy we must politely decline any requests to be "creative" when completing customs and/or invoice declarations for International orders.

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