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Reset Utility: Common Problems

This article covers many of the common issues experienced when attempting to download or run a software reset utility (for resetting waste ink counters).

Virus/Trojan detected

A number of the AdjProg style utilities are detected (incorrectly) as containing malware or virii particularly by anti-virus programs such as AVG.

Important: If you are downloading or using a utility that you have downloaded from a site other than OctoInkjet then it is possible that your download is infected with a trojan or malware.
This guide is not a blanket green light for other sites/downloads even if the filename/utility is allegedly the same

Assuming you have downloaded your utility from OctoInkjet (or are attempting to) the reason for this warning is because of the way the utility has been "unlocked". Specifically the utilities are normally provided to office service centres and as such Epson have chosen to "protect" the utilities so that the average end-user cannot use them. Such protection is usually in the form of an expiry date or file size check (to ensure the utility files have not been modified to remove protection, etc..).

In order to unlock a utility many of the publicly shared utilities have had to have their file size faked for the purposes of fooling the protection mechanisms in the utility and allowing the utility to run. Naturally this sort of approach is used in malware so Anti-virus programs tend to recognise such approaches as being an automatic red flag.


  1. In some cases you will need to disable (and in some cases, uninstall!) your anti-virus system while you download and run the utility. This is naturally a very risky proposition and should only be carried out if you are confident you know what you are doing.

  2. Download and use an "on-demand" malware scanner such as A-Squared Free, SpyBot, etc... and check the download for any other signs of infection. These both recognise that the downloads are safe despite the file size discrepancy but will report any other nasties if they exist.

  3. Purchase a WICReset key and use the WICReset utility instead (This is not detected as a malware program and can be used safely).

  4. Use an old laptop or similar machine that can easily be reinstalled if there were any problems...


File/DLL Missing

Scenarion #1: Run from within Zip file

One common mistake that some customers make is to download the utility and then open the download (which is a zip file) as if it were a folder instead of extracting the files first. This invariably results in an error about missing DLL's, etc...

It is vital that, after downloading, you extract the zip file contents to a new folder and then run the utility from that extracted folder.

Scenario #2: The file really is missing

This is another variation on the anti-virus theme as the missing file has probably been quarantined quietly by your anti-virus or other malware scanner during download.

To confirm, you'll need to locate and check your anti-virus utility log for information relating to the missing file.

Please see the section above (re: Virus/Trojan detected) for possible solutions



Other Errors/Problems

Please check some of the other articles on this subject including:

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