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Techniques for priming, refilling and troubleshooting refillable cartridges
There were 7 articles found in this category:
  1. questionPriming Epson Refillable Cartridges
    This is more a placeholder at present but this article will shortly contain various resources on methods for filling Epson compatible refillable cartridges for the first time (ie: priming them). This process is incredibly important as it's intended to ensure that only ink is presented to the pr ...

  2. questionFlushing Canon CLI/PGI cartridges WITHOUT water
    When the Pro-100 with its CLI-42Y (Yellow) cartridge started showing issues with being flushed it became clear that the process of cartridge flushing was not always recommended nor indeed welcome unless the appropriate cleaning solution was in use. In light of this we wracked our brains to come ...

  3. questionPGI-580, CLI-581 Refill options
    The newer Canon models have effectively replaced many of the older printers that use the PGI-550/570 and CLI-570/571 type cartridges but with these new printers the chips and opportunities for both compatible and refilling alternatives have drastically reduced. If you have a printer that is usi ...

  4. questionPGI-9 / PGI-72 cartridge flushing/cleaning
    Flushing or cleaning PGI-9 cartridges is generally not required unless the cartridges have been left empty/open for a considerable period of time. However if the cartridge has dried out or you've filled it with the wrong ink then flushing/cleaning it is recommended. Kit required: 50ml luer syr ...

  5. questionGuide: Remove Fill-hole ball [Canon]
    This is a video guide that shows you how to modify your Canon inkjet cartridge so it can be used for the Top-fill refilling method. The video covers not only the process for removing the original fill ball, but also the various options available for plugging the hole after refilling including t ...

  6. questionTroubleshooting: PGI-550, CLI-551 Auto Reset Chips
    This article deals with a few common issues that crop up when using compatible refillable cartridges as replacements for Canon PGI-550 and CLI-551 types. Printer Status indicates Cartridge "may have run out" but still prints Chances are very high that you have refilled your cartridge before the ...

  7. questionIdentiying Plugs - Epson Refillable Cartridges
    Some of the resources available on the internet tend to leave out useful information about the plugs use for the fill hole and the vent hole so we've taken the time to provide a guide that covers different cartridge types as well as deal with a few points that have confused end-users for a whil ...