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New products, Updated images...

Posted on 7th Mar 2017 @ 9:01:02 PM

The last few weeks we have been focusing on completing a number of housekeeping tasks as well as providing a few new products, videos, etc...

New Products

Beyond the new 550/551 and 570/571 kits, we've recently added two new cleaning solutions produced for us by Prodinks in Germany. These do not detract from our existing Image Specialists (STS-inks) manufactured solutions for Canon & Epson but we've started using the new cleaning solutions more and more due to the reduced cost and effectiveness for general tasks such as cartridge flushing and printhead clogging.


Product Images

We've also been busy getting product listings updated with photos for those items that have been lacking them for some time. Further work is required to get established product images updated so there's still plenty of work to be done but initial results are a considerable improvement.


Low Demand/Legacy Products

We've recently refreshed out stock on some of the much older product ranges for printers using BCI-6 cartridge, HP Photosmart (364) and similar... We'll be compiling a one off mailing list to contact previous customers for these products to itdentify whether demand for these warrants further investment in stock. We're looking at creating "buying groups" where customers with key printer models can purchase inks together so we're not stuck with unwanted stock and customers have what they need. It's still a work in progress but something we'll be investigating in the next few months.