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  1. Order Delays : Why, What, WhenOrder Delays : Why, What, When [Article]
    There are a number of instances when an order may be delayed so here's a quick run down of the most common ones. 1. Payment marked as unpaid? Paypal Ocassionally orders p

  2. Bottle Volumes/Sizes for Our InksBottle Volumes/Sizes for Our Inks [Article]
    We currently stock inks in a number of sizes depending on the ink type, demand and characteristics of the ink itself. The volumes available are: 50ml

  3. How fast are orders normally dispatched?How fast are orders normally dispatched? [Article]
    The rule for all standard orders is that items will be dispatched within 2 working days of an order being received. Whenever possible orders can be dispatched same or next working day depend

  4. Can I order items out of stock?Can I order items out of stock? [Article]
    If you wish to purchase item(s) that show as being out of stock, please contact me using the contact form with details of your requirement(s) and I will do what I can to help.

  5. UPS/USPS Priority (Global Secure) - Additional NotesUPS/USPS Priority (Global Secure) - Additional Notes [Article]
    The UPS/USPS Priority (Global Secure) Service is a USA specific shipping option which is handled differently to the bulk of our orders so the

  6. Where is my order?Where is my order? [Article]
    If your order has been sent using a tracked service then you will have been sent a tracking number with your dispatch confirmation. You can then use the tracking reference with the appropriate servi

  7. Out of Stock : ETA for New SupplyOut of Stock : ETA for New Supply [Article]
    This page will be updated with any ETA information on "Out of Stock" items This information is not intended to be 100% comprehensive so if you are looking for information on a specific produ

  8. Canon Pro-10 :: ICC profilesCanon Pro-10 :: ICC profiles [Article]
    Please select the appropriate profiles for your ink set. Version 2 ink set (Released May 2016) - Current Development ink set (Pre-May 2016) - Discontinued

  9. Paying Using Other Currencies (non-GBP)Paying Using Other Currencies (non-GBP) [Article]
    We are currently simplifying our payment options to take advantages of maturing services that improve reliability and are cost effective. This has meant that currencies w

  10. Returns & Refund PolicyReturns & Refund Policy [Article]
    Returns and Refunds Policy At OctoInkjet we will always do their best to ensure your goods arrive and work to your satisfaction but, for whatever reason, there may be occasions when you wi

  11. CLI-42Y (Yellow) Cartridge - Special ConsiderationsCLI-42Y (Yellow) Cartridge - Special Considerations [Article]
    Update #2: August 31st 2017 The question of the Yellow Jello issue is one that has been around now for years now and while we still believe

  12. Shipping PolicyShipping Policy [Article]
    OctoInkjet dispatches orders both domestically within the UK and Internationally and as such the following policies will apply. Updated: 31

  13. Local Pickup/Collection PolicyLocal Pickup/Collection Policy [Article]
    Apologies for the very long winded policy document but hopefully this explains in detail when collection is available and what you need to do in order to get your order placed, prepared and ready fo

  14. Order Problem - Common IssuesOrder Problem - Common Issues [Article]
    This article is intended to provide a few things to check out after an attempt to pay for an order has failed Credit/Debit Cards Start Date Required but

  15. Canon Inks/Resetters for New PrintersCanon Inks/Resetters for New Printers [Article]
    UPDATED: 28th Feb 2017 This article has been out of date for some years now so an update is very much in order... Canon iP/MG models (using PGI550/570, CLI551/5

  16. Security: Account InformationSecurity: Account Information [Article]
    We fully recognise that there are always concerns about information security, especially when purchasing online so this is an explanation about how the OctoInkjet system works and what might be expo

  17. WICReset: Instructions, Access, TroubleshootingWICReset: Instructions, Access, Troubleshooting [Article]
    This guide is intended for customers who have purchased a WICReset key either as a single item or as part of a Printer Potty kit+key bundle. Lookin

  18. What Do I Pay? (Taxes/Pricing on OctoInkjet)What Do I Pay? (Taxes/Pricing on OctoInkjet) [Article]
    The OctoInkjet store does have a set of rules on how relevant tax (VAT) should be applied to orders but it suffers from one very important lack of information... ...

  19. VAT Registered Customers [EU]VAT Registered Customers [EU] [Article]
    If your company (or employer) is registered for VAT within the European Union (EU) and outside the UK you will be able to place orders without being charged for VAT following a number of changes to

  20. WICReset: TroubleshootingWICReset: Troubleshooting [Article]
    This guide has been superceded by the one we maintain on PrinterPotty.com. Please click here for the com

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