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UPS/USPS Priority (Global Secure) - Additional Notes

The UPS/USPS Priority (Global Secure) Service has a number of key points that we need to highlight for customers, as some confusion does result from the way we receive tracking information and how the package is processed through the various systems involved.

Processing Time/Date

Orders due to be sent via the UPS/USPS Priority service are picked, packed and dispatched at the same time as all other orders (ie: Same or next working day)

Tracking numbers are received between 19:00 and 20:00 GMT/BST the day of dispatch but due to time constraints, may not appear as "processed" on our order system until the following day. The Info Received date shown via the tracking status, is the most accurate indicator of when an order has been dispatched.

Process Timeline

Once packed and dispatched, orders follow this path:

  1. Sent to forwarding service for courier processing and forward shipping to New York, USA
  2. Tracking number issued (see "Processing Time/Date" above)
  3. Tracking status displays as "Shipping information received"
  4. Forwarding service sends packages as part of bulk Air Freight consignment for priority clearance through customs in USA
  5. US customs clears packages
  6. Forwarding servce processes packages for entry into UPS/USPS systems
  7. Tracking information updates to show actual package location
  8. Packages now progress through UPS/USPS service with tracking updating at each stage

Order Dispatch Date & Tracking Information

The process above means that packages will often indicate a dispatch date, a day late and that tracking information will appear to show that no progress is being made. In reality the package travels the bulk of its journey and clears it's biggest hurdle (ie: US customs) in the initial 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri, except holidays).


The fact that tracking information is lacking for the first few days of the packages journey is one that can cause significant confusion but hopefully the above clarifies what is happening. The key reason we retain the service despite the apparent hole in status information is that the new service reduces dispatch time by around 3 working days while offering a considerable discount on the cost compared to traditional tracked Airmail.

Customer Queries/Clarification

If you have any queries regarding your particular order, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can manually identify when exactly your order was dispatched as well as confirm when the forwarding service received and started processing the package.

Express Service

Updated: Jan 2017
At present we are trialling a new version of the UPS/USPS service which sends the items via an even quicker route but as the service is still relatively new we're still in the testing phase.


There are dimension and weight restrictions on this service, so currently only smaller, lighter items such as Chip resetters, Printer Potty Waste kits and Blunt needles can be sent via this approach. Heavier items such as refill kits and inks fall outside the limits on weight and are prohibitively expensive.


The new service cuts the processing and delivery time further with items currently arriving within 4 - 7 working days. This timescale will be refined as we monitor more shipments sent via this method.


The new service is higher in cost than the original UPS/USPS service but as costs have increased for all International shipping this is minimal relative to other services and remains competitive.

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