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Are there any Reset Utilities for the Mac?

iWIC – WICReset for Mac OS

A Mac compatible version of the WICReset tool has now been released that now provides Mac users with the ability to read and reset their Epson printer waste ink counters.

The iWIC utility can be downloaded here

You are strongly recommended to download, install and test the tool functionality before you purchase a WICReset key

Testing routine:

  1. Does the iWIC installer run and complete successfully?
  2. Does iWIC run/start successfully
  3. Is your printer recognised by iWIC?
  4. Can iWIC read your waste counter successfully?

If the tool successfully completes all of these tests it should be able to reset your printer. If not, please contact me with your printer model so I can chase compatibility information and/or troubleshoot.

iWIC Compatiblity

There is no official compatibility list for iWIC so it’s important to test whether you are able to download, install and read the waste counter on your particular Mac before purchasing.

Free utilities and/or incompatible printers on Mac?

If your printer has a compatible “free” utility that works with windows, it will not work with your Mac. Also, if your printer is not currently supported but a compatible option exists for Windows you can still reset your printer if you have access to a suitable computer with Windows installed (preferably Windows XP – 7).

Our standard recommendation is that you borrow or purchase a windows capable laptop with Windows 2000 or XP installed, install your printer drivers, and then reset the utility using that.

You should be able to find a suitable laptop for very little money from a computer repair shop, charity shop or simply by asking friends, work, etc..

Updated on 5 February 2022

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